Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Well, you just hand me that fucking shoehorn over there, I'll take this t-shirt off and show you who's the best around HERE!"

If someone said that to me, I would love them even more through my tears of laughter. Especially if that someone was Dylan Moran. Title is from 'The Cream of Irish Comedy'.

General Blogging
Well, it seems like I've missed an entire month of blogging. If you can believe it, though, not a lot has been different from any other months, but here is a quick run down of things that have happened. I have:

-Saw Muse for the 4th time {they get better every time!}
-Applied for a ridiculous amount of jobs.
-Got 3 job interviews {one of which I still have to go to}
-Got new glasses
-Saw some movies; 'Legion', 'Shutter Island', 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'The Bourne Ultimatum', 'Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire', 'State of Play' and 'Rendition'.
-Managed to save quite a lot more money
-Had an acquaintance commit suicide
-Visited my friend in West Virginia

Pretty good, all in all.

Best band in the world.

News/Stuff About Celebrities and Movies/Music/TV Shows/etc.
Movie You Should Be Excited About:
'Legend of the Guardians'

Aside from the TOTALLY inappropriate trailer music, this movie looks GORGEOUS and I am so excited for it to come out.

Directed by: Zack Snyder
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Emilie de Ravin, Helen Mirren, David Wenham, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish and Ryan Kwanten.

Movie News:
'The Hobbit: Part 1' has two more actors in it, according to rumors; David Tennant is playing Bilbo Baggins, and Ron Perlman is playing Thorin Oakenshield. I personally wish that Simon Pegg was slated to play Bilbo {how awesome would that be?!}, but I love David Tennant, and I am definitely still seeing the film. Ron Perlman as Thorin is a pretty interesting casting choice, but I like him as well.

Actor News:
-David Schwimmer is engaged. I never thought I'd care that much about him to post something about it on here {or any of my blogs}, but there it is.

Most Recent Movie(s)/TV Show(s) I've Seen At Home:
'Gran Torino'

Directed and starring Clint Eastwood, this was an absolutely gorgeous movie. Surprisingly hilarious, if only because Clint Eastwood as an older man spewing racial slurs at random points is pretty hysterical. The movie has a good plot, though because a lot of the younger cast hadn't acted before, a lot of the delivery of the lines was kind of awkward. I wish I hadn't waited so long to see this, but I'm glad I finally did.

Grade: A-

Most Recent Book(s) I've Finished:
Blankets by Craig Thompson.

One of the most gorgeous and sad graphic novels I've read, and one of the quickest reads, too. Which you would not expect for a novel over 500 pages. I was able to read it in a little over an hour {while still absorbing it}, and enjoyed it immensely. If you're looking for a good graphic novel, I definitely recommend Blankets

Funny Picture(s) I've Found:

His face KILLS me every time.

The Song Currently Stuck In My Head:
Telephone feat. Beyoncé - Lady Gaga

My love for Lady Gaga continues to grow by the day. She's like Madonna and Gwen Stefani rolled into an awesome package of...well, fabulousness and fierceness. And I don't even like Madonna.

And can I just say that if Britney Spears had actually used this song {since Gaga wrote it for her}, it would have been fucking wasted. I like about 4 or 5 of Britney's songs, but she is nowhere near the "Princess/Queen of Pop". Especially now. It's safe to say Lady Gaga has far surpassed her, and she's younger than Britney, too!

Hot Guy Of the Day
Jason Sudeikis. I'm seeing 'The Bounty Hunter' on Friday, and I cannot wait.

He's absolutely adorable.

Quote of the Day
"Ah hah ha! Who was he? I know, one of those blue eyed guys with loads of teeth and hair and skin and all that modern shit. And he always looked as if he was on a boat. And he gave up his job in cybergenics to go and plant trees in some fuckin’ place. And he had *long* lashes and could quote huge chunks of Baudelaire as he stirred his cafe latte, and he wrote a whole load of books and never told you and you were doubly impressed because one day you found them in an airport. And, and he played lead cello in the Bulgarian orchestra and didn’t tell you until you’d spent an hour twanging around on your ratty fucking guitar looking for the first two chords of ‘Doo Doo Ran Ran’. And he was mysterious and everything. He couldn’t call ‘cause he was smuggling Cro-Crobian children across the border to get them to safety, using his fucking knowledge of missile tactics, and his inheritance and everything. And then he got involved in some underground documentary film group and was killed in a really tragic way for sedition. One of those guys, huh?!"- Dylan Moran

Anything Else I Can Think Of
A Video You Need to See:
Dylan Moran always needs to do stand-up, because he just oozes hilarity:

Monday, March 1, 2010

What one thing are you exceptionally good at?

Trivia about movies/TV shows and celebrities. Also, quoting to a large extent. I can remember quotes almost exactly as they were said and with the same inflections.

Ask me anything