Saturday, March 24, 2012

Worst Day Ever.

Thursday and Friday were pretty good days, despite being work days. I had a sex dream on Friday night with Daryl Dixon from 'The Walking Dead' that kept me jazzed all day. was one of the worst days of my life. I got into a pretty major car accident.

I woke up at 10:45 and after rolling $5.50 in coins and helping Dad with the gutters, I went down into Laconia to deposit said coins, and I got $60 out of my savings account and got the $13 I had changed into $1's for the Light Rail/bus fares.

After the bank, I went to the Dollar Store and got some stuff we needed before being forced away quickly because of a needed bathroom detour. While I was in Walgreen's, I was looking at the travel section for some stuff for my trip before I decided I could probably get things for cheaper at Wal-Mart.

In hindsight, I should have bought the things I wanted there.

Not even a minute after I left Walgreen's, I was driving when a motorcyclist {who looked like she didn't have total control over her bike to begin with} crossed into my lane in front of me from the left. I wasn't able to stop in time and hit her full on.

I don't remember the airbags going out but they did and I heard myself screaming as I went off the road, stopping against the side of a building {thankfully I didn't do any damage to the building, in addition to everything else}. My glasses flew off during this, and the first thing I thought was, 'Fuck, they're broken, goddamn it'. Amazingly, they were not when I found them on the floor not even a second later.

There was a lot of dust/powder in the air from the airbags, but I thought it might be smoke because I thought I could smell it, so I wanted to get out as soon as possible. The guy who was with the lady I hit came over, and told me to call 911. I think he asked if I was alright, but I honestly can't remember. I was trying to get out, but the door wouldn't open so I asked if he could open it for me. He did and I tried to call 911 while he attended to his girlfriend, who was lying prostrate on the ground behind my car. I was a wreck at this point and when I saw at least two other people with their phones out, I called my parents and let them know what happened.

A lady came over to me, who had seen what happened, and asked if I was alright. Aside from my chin feeling like it was burning and my nose feeling the same way, I was fine. Thank god I always wear my seat belt when I drive. She must have been a nurse or something because she was giving me a quick check over before the police and the ambulance got there. I asked her if the lady I had hit was okay, and she said she had a broken leg. The lady gave her statement and gave me a hug before she left

The police officer I talked with and who took my statement was really nice, thankfully. Most of the rest of what happened is kind of a blur, but I gave my statement and told them what happened, and did the same thing again when my parents got there. I kept being asked if I wanted to be checked out by the EMTs and before my parents and I left, I said alright. I was asked if anything hurt and I said no and that since I looked fine, and didn't have a concussion, they said I should go to the hospital if I felt like I needed to later on.

When we got home, I called AllState and filed my claim, and then Mom, Dad and I drove down to the airport to get my rental car {since all the Enterprises around us were closed by this point}. The insurance company is paying up to $30 a day for my rental, and since it's $22, that's good. I had to pay an extra $25 a day because I'm under 25, though, which blows. I need to call them and see if I can get that waived because it's bullshit.

I was able to talk to Bekah this evening after I got home from the airport and had a shower, and while I was on the phone with her, a bar of soap fell and hit the side of the tub, which made me jump about a mile. So, that's fun. I talked with John for a bit after I got off the phone with her. I posted about my day on Facebook after texting a bunch of people, and his brother commented on my post. Apparently when John got up, Dave said, "You might wanna call Megan." He asked why and Dave said, "I'll let her tell you what happened."

He said he feels like a bad boyfriend for not being able to comfort me properly right now, and said this on Facebook: "Very glad there were no serious injuries, as for the car, it's just a vehicle. It can be replaced, you, not so easily. I'll definitely have to spoil you rotten a bit when you get here to make up for such a dismal day." He also asked if I wanted some comfort food and I said I wouldn't say no to Milky Way Caramel, Reese's Cups, Peanut M&M's or Chinese food.

In short, though, my car is totaled, and I will need a new one ASAP. I'm thinking about leasing a car instead of buying one, at least right now, because of my "up in the air" residence situation once I move away from New Hampshire. I'll have to weigh the pros and cons and see how much money I get from the insurance company.

I work tomorrow, and I really don't want to, but I can't just sit around and wallow in what happened. I hope I'm put in a slow store tomorrow and I would not say no to being able to go home early.