Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Plague Saga

I've been sick as a dog since the 12th. Kids, a small piece of advice; if you have a fever and don't feel well, do everyone a favor and call out of work. One of my co-workers decided it would be a tremendous idea to come in on Friday the 10th with a fever. I was coughing a bit that night, but brushed it off a little. Saturday I was feeling fine, and even managed to get in a good work out, until the evening hit, when I got really lethargic. I took some medicine before bed and was asleep by 10:30...and proceeded to be up every two hours with severe coughing. By morning, my throat was so sore and I was still coughing, so I called out of both jobs and stayed home to rest and continue to take medicine. I managed to catch the second episode of this season of 'Downton' (holy shit balls) and was in bed at a reasonable time, hoping I would be a bit better.

Monday was the same as Sunday, and so I called out again. I did manage to watch the entirety of season 1 of the UK version of 'Being Human'. It's pretty good, but something is keeping it from being superb. Every time Aidan Turner is on the screen, however, I am struck by just how sexy he is. Just, wow.

I went in on Tuesday the 14th, and had a good shift, though I was still sick, obviously. The following morning, I was up at 5 AM with pinkeye. Thankfully, it was an off day so I could get a doctor's appointment, but I had to call out the next day since pinkeye is hella contagious.

I worked Friday and Saturday, though I was supposed to have Saturday off, but what can ya do? By Friday night, I was beginning to get frustrated and irritated since it seemed like nothing I was doing or medicines I was taking was actually doing anything to help. By this point, I had gone through copious amounts of DayQuil, generic Robotussin, Mucinex, and that night I bought some Vicks Vapo Rub.

Saturday brought on something new; horrible sinus pressure. This lasted into today, when it got horrendously bad in the afternoon. I also had been dealing with jaw tenderness and it felt like my teeth were loose (they're not). I had had this before back in 2011 (also with pinkeye, interestingly enough), so at least it wasn't something out of the blue (still annoying, of course). I went to an urgent care clinic, since a lot of places were closed for the holiday, and got antibiotics (yaaaay mooore antibiotics :/) and nasal spray. I hope to god these things help because I am so sick of being sick. I've been to the gym exactly once since I got sick, on Saturday the 11th, and John and I have had no time for sexy times.