Thursday, January 7, 2010

"I'm a prostitute robot from the future!"

A career everyone should aspire to. Title is from 'Black Books', a really awesome British TV show. All 3 seasons are on Hulu and on Netflix, so there is no excuse for you not to see this show.

General Blogging
I need more money. It's as simple as that. I have to come up with $683 for my Math class this semester, because I'll be damned if I'm going to be any later in getting my Associate's Degree. I should have my Bachelor's Degree by now, damn it. I would, too, if my family had had enough money to let me go to school when I wanted to/should have, or if I'd have taken the time to get/do scholarships. It's all water under the bridge now, but it irritates me that I'm so behind everyone else as far as school goes. I know it could be worse; I could be taking one class every two semesters and not actually doing the work, but still.

In addition to the class fee, I need to pay bills. That's a fact of life, but there seems to be so MANY of them. Thankfully, only two of them are over $100 {not counting my credit card bill, which I can pay $50-$100 if I choose, fuck the $15 minimum}, so that's something that lets me breathe a little easier. The bad thing is that I make about...$400 a month at my job, not counting my annuity check I get every month, which brings it to about $500 a month.

Money sucks. Plain and simple.

News/Stuff About Celebrities and Movies/Music/TV Shows/etc.
Movie News:
-Casting for 'The Hobbit' has begun in New Zealand. No "big names are confirmed as yet. (Sorry.) Instead, the producers are starting small – hobbit-sized, in fact – as they work from the bottom up to gather the hundreds of extras that will be needed to populate Middle Earth once more."

I wonder how long it would take me to get a passport and visa to go and be an extra?

Actor News:
-According to Greg Grunberg in this article, 'Heroes' will return next season. “We will wrap it up properly in the next season and get to 100 episodes,” he maintains. “At least that’s what I would like to see happen. They take so much care in writing the show that I would hope we get the chance to end it right."

I know this might get me murdered by more than a few of my friends who like this show, or even get me a few weird looks, since I was all about this show at one point, but I am really glad it's going to end next season. I stopped watching halfway through season 3 since I disliked the direction it was going, and I felt a lot {almost all} of the characters were changing so radically, to the point where only Matt Parkman had any believable character growth/change. Also, I'm getting really sick of hearing about the show almost everywhere I turn.

Funny Picture(s) I've Found:


The Song Currently Stuck In My Head:
'French Navy' by Camera Obscura. One of my all time favourite songs.

Jackie Earle Haley:

Hot Guy Of the Day
Dylan Moran.

Despite my best efforts to resist and prove Ben wrong, I have to admit I have a thing for him now. Freaking Irish. Why do they have to be so HOT?!

Quote of the Day
-Manny: "You are a filth wizard. Friend only to the pig and the rat. Ugh. Look?" {he opens a pizza box}
-Bernard: "Pizza. I was going to warm it and eat it later. Everybody does that. That's normal. You are just looking for things to complain about."
-Manny: "And what are these?"
-Bernard: "...wasps."

Anything Else I Can Think Of
A Video You Need to See:
Just another reason why Eddie Izzard is amazing:


Dean said...

lmfao that video. Also, that picture of Jackie. Yummmm!

Dean said...

ALSO YOU CHANGED YOUR LAYOUT. Meant to mention that in the first comment but I forgot thanks to the video XD